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Self-Care Sunday Series: 8 Self-Care Tips from Wellness Experts

Self-Care Sunday Series: 8 Self-Care Tips from Wellness Experts

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Hello everyone and happy weekend!

I’ve got a quick roundup of top self-care tips from some amazing ladies in the wellness field. I asked each of them to talk to me about their one BEST self-care tip. If you like what you read, make sure to check out their blogs, too!

Casey Cromwell: Try New Foods.

When you think of self-care, you might not imagine taking the time to experiment with new foods and recipes. However, as someone with celiac disease, this was one of my favorite ways to show myself a little extra love.

Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I’d never tried dozens of foods–ranging from avocado to sweet potato to dragonfruit–that are now staples of my diet. However, when I had to go gluten-free (the only treatment for celiac disease), I wanted to make my restricted diet feel less limited… so I decided to explore grocery stores.

Even if you don’t have dietary limitations, experimenting with new foods and meals is a great self-love tactic. Cooking for baking new recipes can help you relax, especially if you have Netflix on on the background. 

If you’re trying to eat healthier, finding new favorite fruits and veggies can also make a diet more exciting. And, if you’re like me and are kept busy with college, a full-time job, or both, having some exciting leftoveres in the fridge makes long days feel a lot easier.

So the next time you’re grocery shopping, maybe show those “different” foods–and yourself–some extra TLC! 

Casey Cromwell blogs at Casey the College Celiac about living with celiac disease (and other chronic illnesses) in college, gluten-free recipes (that are also often vegan or paleo), and general healthy living.


Mandi Em: Nurture Something or Someone.  

As a Mother with three kids and a woman who works in the social work industry, I find my entire life is consumed with caring for others. Most tips about self-care advise to take more care of yourself–learning to let go and focus on you. For some of us this is HARD. And I mean challenging to the point of not being useful at all!

So for a connection junkie like myself, I have found that taking the time to mindfully nurture something or someone has been my number one source of guilt-free self-care. For me, this looks like planting something and tending it to grow. It looks like staring into the eyes of my children when they are having a new experience. It looks like cooking for my teenager after we have had a terrible argument and I feel like I just can’t do it anymore.

This has helped me remember to be present in little moments, and provides me with a sense of fulfillment. Self-care is difficult but necessary, so it really is important to incorporate it into as many everyday moments as you can!

Mandi Em is the content creator for Big Tiny Steps, a blog about Health and Wellness by way of clean eating and natural living, reconnecting with nature and living a simpler more sustainable life.

Heather LeGuilloux: Have a Mindful Moment.
A tried and tested self-care tip that I personally use daily in my own life is the practice of a having a mindful moment. This practice helps me to slow down and have more insight over my own well-being in the present moment in order to identify my health needs in a holistic way.
In order to practice your own mindful moment, you want to choose a quiet location and somewhere that you feel safe. Find a comfortable position to sit in, or you can also do this walking or during most activities, and allow your body to naturally relax. Allow your eyes to close, or leave them open if you prefer, and allow yourself to settle into this relaxation. Take an even breath in… and hold it for a moment… before releasing.

When thoughts come into your mind, bring your awareness to them, acknowledge these thoughts, perhaps notice any of the suffering you are currently experiencing, and then bring your awareness back to your breath by taking an even breath in… holding it more a moment… and releasing this breath.

Repeat as necessary. 

Heather is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who shares her experience and knowledge of mental health and well-being through her weekly blog posts and wellness services.​
Laura Jasmin: Give Your Skin a Boost. 
For a healthier appearance, use an organic vitamin C serum for your under eyes as a night time routine to help hydrate and brighten the dark under eye circles. Vitamin C is known to lighten the dark under-eye circles so over time you’re definitely going to notice a difference.
It does take time to see results and it’s really worth it especially if you apply and during your nighttime routine and leave it on overnight so that your under eyes can really soak the vitamin c serum.
Laura is a blogger at Laura Jasmin and where she posts about simple living for vegan beauty lovers, which often includes living a simple lifestyle by learning about minimalism, routines and vegan beauty.


Here are a few favorites for C serum (click to shop):



Cassie Spanner: Eat Intuitively.  

My best self-care tip would be to practice intuitive eating and balance.  I used to make myself miserable by sticking to a strict diet and scolding myself for anything I ate that was outside of it, be it sweets or carbs.  About a year ago I changed my mindset to stray away completely from elimination and instead listened to what my body wants.

I eat a healthy diet majority of the time, but I still incorporate treats and I no longer berate myself for it.  If I’m craving something and can’t let it go, I just eat it.  Overall it is a much healthier way to approach eating and my mental health is so much better for it!

I was also surprised to find that after a few months of adopting this approach I’d lost more weight than when I was “dieting” and it was mostly effortless.  My weight has since maintained at the same level for several months and I’ve found that I’m much happier with my body than I ever have been before.

Cassie is the creator of Be Forever Healthier, a blog that provides simple ideas to help people live their healthiest lives.  The blog includes healthy recipes, weekly health challenges, life hacks and wellness tips.  Cassie lives in Brisbane in Australia with her partner Adam, who is her chief taste tester and tech fixer-upper.

Joelle Byrne: Check for Balance.

Being diagnosed with Postnatal Illness (yep admitting it!) has taught me one thing; that there is only one you, and without that one you, the world would be a different place. We can’t pour from an empty jar, so keeping ourselves fit and well is a priority not only for us, but for those around us. We simply cannot keep doing what we do for everyone else without being at our best.

My top tip for self care is to check the balance every now and again. The process, recommended by mental health professionals, looks at the key elements of your life and checks that they are in harmony. This simple but effective technique ensure that not only are you looking after number one, you’re also checking in regularly to make sure that balance is maintained (once every couple of months is recommended).

A quick overview of the process:

Take five minutes to write down everything you do in a typical week and the hours dedicated to it. Each hour equates to one point. Now group those tasks into one of three categories;

  • Leisure
  • Productivity
  • Self-care (which, for the purposes of this process, includes sleep!)

Add up the scores for each area. Are you balanced? Each category should score equally; if it doesn’t then your balance is off. Then it’s time to get thinking about how you can tip the scale and balance each category. What will you change?

There is a workbook associated with this which is free and available here if you’d like to look for your own reference.

Joelle is a full time author and blogger and self-confessed planner addict. Her blog, The Yorkshire Pudding, pays homage to safe and well living, with a real life approach to all things home and family.


Adea Ademi: Hydrate!

I firmly believe that a healthy inside is the main contributor to a healthy-looking and well-feeling outside. So naturally, my main tip for health and wellness is a nutritional one. Drink water and eat half a tablespoon of honey (or a date if you’re vegan) 1st thing in the morning. What I personally do is, I drink a glass of water (room temperature), eat a spoon of honey and drink another glass of water, right after I wake up.
For some, this might need a little getting used to so one doesn’t forget to do it in the morning (you might want to set a reminder), but the benefits exceed all the trouble. Initially, your digestive system with genuinely thank you, your skin will acquire a beautiful natural glow, you will boost your immune system, heart health, weight loss and more.
If you’re experimental, by all means, try tweaking the routine by adding lemon, cucumber or berries to your water, soaking walnuts in your honey or switching the date’s pit/seed with a healthy nut of your choice.
Love yourself and try it out! Enjoy the perks of a healthy lifestyle.
Adea has been regularly practicing Pilates and occasionally yoga for 5 years now and is determined to have an overall healthy lifestyle. Throughout this time, she has done excessive research on health and how to improve it which has turned her into an advocate of making a habit of wellness, being strong, energetic and body-positive. Apart from that, she loves writing (see her blog, Adea’s Narrative, here) and literature. 

Gina Young: Find Me Time


As a busy mother of 3 boys, I have found that taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of my family—and staying healthy and feeling good is a big part of that. Sometimes a jog or a mini yoga session is just the thing that I need to do in order to relax and clear my mind. The other important thing that I do to take care of myself (and my family) is taking a whole food supplement. Before starting these supplements, I suffered from migraines, and now, I can say that I am migraine free. Wow! What a difference it has made in my body and quality of life!

Gina is a blogger at Money Savvy Living.
I love collaborating and hearing stories of amazing men and women and their wellness journeys. I think we can learn so much from each other: the pain, struggles, joys, and victories that make us who we are.
So now I want to hear from you! What’s YOUR best self-care tip? What rejuvenates you, relaxes you, and keeps you going? 
Want to read more on self-care? Check out my interview with Kristin of Sassy Holistics and with Christina from Uncaged Health. These ladies share some incredible tips for choosing self-care through chronic illnesses and other stressors, learning what our bodies need, and pressing onward in our journey to our best health.
If you’re interested in a free self-care kit, snag it here.

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