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Self-Care Sunday Series with Genevieve Jerome from Fitty Foodlicious

Self-Care Sunday Series with Genevieve Jerome from Fitty Foodlicious

It’s Sunday! I have so much to update you on… Since I last posted, I went to a health retreat in San Diego, got a new job with a big health and wellness company, and started a Whole 30 cycle (I’m on day 7).

I’m writing my takeaways from the retreat in my private Facebook group and on my Facebook page. We talked about sleep, parasites, heavy metals, mold, positive mindset, chiropractic care, foundation training, nutrition, chronic illness, and a lot more. Follow me there, as I post on Facebook almost daily! 

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Genevieve Jerome from Fitty Foodlicious. She’s a blogger (and has an amazing instagram!), and she writes about everything I adore. She’s totally inspiring, and the kind of person you just want to be friends with and go on adventures with. I think you’ll love her! 

Allie: Hi Genevieve! Thanks so much for chatting with us today. Tell us about you!

Genevieve: I’m a wander-lusting, traveling, coffee-drinking, dog-loving, an avid reader of real books, professional fine art wedding photographer, who loves exploring new places and trying new things. 

I’m a romantic at heart, who adores being outside as much as possible, jazz music, fresh flowers, and really delicious food. When I’m not chasing the sun with my lens or writing about all things health and wellness, you can find me rock climbing, hiking with my dogs, lifting heavy weights, playing on my yoga mat, and traveling as much as possible.

I’ve recently lost over 155-pounds and am really happy to share my wealth of knowledge of fitness and clean eating! I’m currently working on my master’s degree in nutrition and my yoga teacher training certification. Please visit my about page to learn more about me. 

A: Tell me a bit about your health and wellness journey.

G: I got into health when my doctor (back in 2011) told me that if I didn’t make some major lifestyle changes, I could die. She informed me that because of my weight I was a high risk for diabetes and other diseases.

That one appointment changed my entire outlook on everything and my life did a complete 180. I was never heavy growing up, but once I hit high school, things took a turn. I felt immense pressure to get good grades and to look perfect. It took a toll on me and I blew up.

I then gained and lost weight all throughout high school and college, and then I finally decided enough was enough and took matters into my own hands.

I lost 155-pounds and have successfully kept it off. Once I realized that we are what we eat and that our diets really affect out we act, think, and react to situations; everything came full circle for me.

A: What is ONE thing you think everyone should be doing for his/her health?

G: Get outside! Get outdoors as much as possible! Vitamin D and our sanity go hand in hand. The more I get outdoors throughout the day, the more I thrive and the happier I am. I make running with my dog a priority every single day. I really notice a difference when I miss a day. It wrecks my mood!

Running and being outdoors soothes my soul. If you’re not a runner, that’s okay! Just go outside and take mini breaks, this is especially important if you work inside. Stretch, breathe, and take in everything nature has to offer.

Nature is also free! Get up and move around and get your blood flowing. The easiest way to get into a daily habit is simply to start!

A: Do you have a quote or motto you try to live by?

G: “I’m alright right now.” This is a quote by Dr. Rick Hanson who wrote the book Just One Thing. I love this saying because it’s easy to remember and so simple.

I say it whenever anxiety strikes or anytime I’m in a new situation. I also say it on my runs to remind myself to keep going. I’m alright right now. Simple, effective, and easy to remember.

A: Tell me about a big WIN you’ve had in your health/self-care journey.

G: My biggest win yet with my health/self-care journey is truly learning to love myself. Self-love is vital to our overall well being and it can take years to truly learn.

I’m thankful I finally learned it at thirty years old. I’m grateful I have taught myself these skills every woman needs and that I can teach my future children someday.

Self-love it today’s world can be so hard, but once our minds learn it and adapt to it, amazing things come our way! Plus, one of the biggest benefits to epic self-love is letting go of comparisons and empowering other women on their journey’s instead of competing with them.

A: How do you practice self-care? And WHY?

G: I practice self-care by repeating daily mantra’s to myself like, “You’ve got this” and “Keep going, Genevieve.”

I hang eucalyptus in my shower and keep my house clean. I make sure to keep my kitchen and office clean and tidy because those are the most used spaces in my own. I journal and self-reflect a lot. I have a motivational planner filled with quotes, daily reminders, and mind mapping plans.

I’m an empath so I tend to take things very personally, and I have to remind myself daily that I have a purpose and that I’m on the right path. I go running every day because it is truly my therapy time where some of my best ideas come to me.

I also go to therapy twice a month, because talking to someone else is vital to our health. I workout every day, whether that be lifting weights, running, and yoga. When I don’t keep moving, I become stagnant, and in order to keep my anxiety levels in check, I make sure to keep moving!

I feel fulfilled after making a new recipe video and writing a new blog post. I also feel fulfilled after every run. I spend time with my dogs (dogs are the key to everything!) I spend time with my husband and I remind myself every day how grateful I am.

A: What would be your ideal self-care routine, if you had the time for it daily? (A morning or evening routine, for example)

G: Doing a workout first thing in the am preferable weight lifting and yoga

Morning meditation and mantra time

A giant cup of delicious bulletproof coffee


Running on the trail with my dog

Eating healthy foods all throughout the day with tons of water

A mini nighttime yoga routing at night to wind down with some evening meditation

A eucalyptus shower

Reading by my salt lamp, with my aromatherapy on, and no electronics before bed.

Stay off social media for 20-minutes. 

*I actually do my best to do this every day, but the phone part is tough!*

A: What are your three favorite SHORT self-care techniques a reader could try, if he/she only had 5-20 minutes?

G: Mediate for 3-minutes (I know it’s hard!) let your thoughts come and go like people on a subway train, in one door and out the other.

Do a quick 20-minute weight-lifting workout from Fitness Blender! These mini-workouts save me and get me out of the funk fast!

Take a 20-minute hot bath filled with flowers, eucalyptus, and burn a candle. No phones!

Do a quick 15-minute yoga session to reset your brain and repeat self-love mantras throughout.

Get outside! Go play fetch with your dog and just enjoy how simple and happy a dog can be from catching a ball!

A: What are your three favorite LONGER self-care practices? 

G: Running outside with my dog, two hours or more hits the spot for me!

Kayaking! I recently started kayaking and I adore being out on the water. Being outside, on the water, and getting an amazing upper-body workout is one of the best feelings ever!

Cooking! I love cooking healthy foods and creating food videos. I’m Italian and cooking healthy foods that nourish my belly and mind is one of my favorite activities!

Rock Climbing! If you haven’t rock climbed, go do it! Find a local gym, grab a friend, and go rock get lost on those rocky walls. Not only is it a total body workout, but it’s a brain workout too which I love!

A: Anything else wellness/self-care related I didn’t ask that you’d like to share here? 

G: I’m inspired by other women on Instagram who are kicking ass every day and crushing their goals! I love watching what other food bloggers are doing and get a lot of inspiration from other women. I’m thankful for finding Fit Approach and being welcomed into their amazing community of inspiring women! I’ve made life-long friends there too!

I also love motivational accounts like Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, and Wayne Dyer. I’m a huge Tom Petty fan! His songs have gotten me through some of the roughest times of my life and I would not be the person I am today without his music.

If you’d like to hear more from Genevieve, check out a recent blog post by her, How Epic Self-Love Taught Me to Beyoutiful. 

Or, find Genevieve on Instagram.



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