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30 Days of Affirmations

30 Days of Affirmations

I was up most of the night, tossing and turning, feeling so much pain for one of my friends. He’s in very poor condition in the hospital after emergency surgery to remove his lung due to infection. His organs are failing. I refreshed my Facebook feed the entire night, reading people’s well-wishes, memories, and affirmations for him. They were so beautiful and heartfelt. 

It made me so sad that he wasn’t conscious to read them.

It also made me think about how the same happens at funerals. All these people gathered to celebrate a life, saying wonderful things about someone, but that person isn’t there to hear it. I wish we could have funerals while we’re still alive, so we could receive all that love and all those affirmations, let it fill us up. 

I’m sorry this is so dark. I just know we can do better. I can do better at letting the people in my life know how absolutely loved and appreciated they are.

When is the last time you told your mom you’re grateful for her? Have you told your spouse recently that he’s absolutely incredible, and why? Do you regularly thank your friends for being in your life, pointing out their gifts and strengths? 

Maybe you do. And if you do, I’m willing to bet that you’re an encourager and words of affirmation person like I am.

I know encouraging words have been the about the ONLY thing getting me through some of my toughest days.

I want to invite you to 30 Days of Affirmations, starting today and ending on December 15, 2017. It’s the perfect time, around the holidays, to think about loving the important people in your life… and even the strangers.

The best part is that this challenge doesn’t cost a thing. And you have the ability to absolutely make someone’s day. Why not take advantage of that as much as you can? 

Here are ways to participate:

For the next 30 days, find one person to affirm and encourage each day.

-Post it publicly on Facebook, through words or photos or memories

-Send it in a text

-Say it face-to-face

-Write it in a note

-Make a phone call and tell someone why you appreciate him/her

-Compliment a stranger

-Tell someone the strengths/gifts you see in him/her

-Send it in a letter 

-Tell family members or friends what they mean to you


I will warn you that it might feel uncomfortable. Especially if you’re not someone who shares openly your emotions, you might feel awkward at first doing this. Our culture doesn’t really encourage this type of interaction…

Push through it! I promise it gets easier, and it will be much-appreciated by the recipient. But I think you might find you’ll get even more out of it than anyone. 

In my opinion, nothing in life is more important than our health, friends, and family. 

Will you accept this 30-day affirmation challenge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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