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  • Wild zora bars Bohemian Nation reviewFor Protein on the Go: Wild Zora Bar Review and Giveaway
    For Protein on the Go: Wild Zora Bar Review and Giveaway I was a full-time high school teacher when I first discovered Whole 30 and paleo eating. Being away from home from 6 am until, most nights, 5 pm, meant I had to pack quite a bit of food to make it through my day… especially when I went immediately to the gym after school for my favorite boxing and conditioning class. I started meal-prepping religiously. I roasted a tray of vegetables every few days–usually beets, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, kale, green beans. I became an expert at hard-boiling eggs and keeping cooked […]
  • Bohemian Nation Self-Care InterviewSelf-Care Sunday Series with Honeydipped
    Self-Care Sunday Series with Honeydipped Happy Sunday, everyone! I absolutely love this time of year. My husband and I picked out my very first real Christmas tree, then went to Target for some gold and cream decorations. We ended up spending way too much money, but coming home, listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, and wrapping presents with the tree and mantle sparkling in the background was worth it. Since we got the tree, I thought I was getting sick. I kept having trouble breathing, felt extremely stuffy, and basically lived off of Benadryl (which I hate doing, but… […]
  • Osso Good Bone Broth Bohemian NationOsso Good Bone Broth for Immune, Digestive, and Energy Support
    Osso Good Bone Broth for Immune, Digestive, and Energy Support Okay, I’ll admit it. Like any good paleo blogger, I’ve tried my fair share of different bone broths. In fact, I remember exactly where I was when I saw my very first pre-made bone broth available to purchase. I was living in San Francisco at the time, attending grad school at California College of the Arts. A few of my favorite paleo bloggers lived in the Bay Area, too, and talked about this amazing AIP/Whole 30/Paleo restaurant called Mission Heirloom Cafe in Berkeley. I had to go. I was in heaven. Dandelion green […]
  • Bohemian Nation Self-Care Series HeatherSelf-Care Sunday Series with She Runs on Greens
    Hi friends! Hope those of you in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend a lot of time with family over the last few days. I had a meal with just my husband, because my family is back in the midwest and his family is traveling through Europe. We made an organic, free-range turkey, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, broccoli, gluten-free stuffing, gravy, and some other little sides. I made my very favorite (five-ingredient) garlic rosemary plantain crackers. Husband also found GF cupcakes and a strawberry rhubarb pie. It was a great meal, and we still have lots of leftovers.   […]
  • Bohemian Nation yogi foodie gift guide84 Unique Gift Ideas for Foodies, Yogis, and Self-Care Junkies
      84 Unique Gift Ideas for Foodies, Yogis, and Self-Care Junkies This time of year can be overwhelming (for your wallet). Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday… it’s a wonder if you have anything left in your back account after the next few days.  If you’re anything like me, you’re doing ALL your holiday shopping online and during these discounted events. I love getting it done all in a few days, snagging awesome deals, and just waiting for the packages to arrive. No battling huge crowds, getting trampled, or waking up at 2 am. […]
  • rebuttal chocolate cake self-care articleStop Sharing that Privileged, Sexist Self-Care Article on Your Facebook
    I’ve seen this article circulating social media in the last few days, and I don’t like it. I do agree with some points. I agree that self-care has become an overused buzzword (guilty), and that self-care can mean doing something hard that you don’t want to do. In fact, just the other day I posted an article about cutting toxic people out of your life. No one WANTS to do that. That’s not a fun thing to face, but it is likely to improve your life. I agree that self-care means stepping into an active role in your life, instead of being a victim. I agree that self-care is […]
  • 30 day affirmation challenge Bohemian Nation30 Days of Affirmations
    I was up most of the night, tossing and turning, feeling so much pain for one of my friends. He’s in very poor condition in the hospital after emergency surgery to remove his lung due to infection. His organs are failing. I refreshed my Facebook feed the entire night, reading people’s well-wishes, memories, and affirmations for him. They were so beautiful and heartfelt.  It made me so sad that he wasn’t conscious to read them. It also made me think about how the same happens at funerals. All these people gathered to celebrate a life, saying wonderful things about someone, […]
  • [VIDEO] Erno Laszlo Vitamin C Mask Review
    Hey guys, Just wanted to write a quick blog post pointing to the Youtube review I just did on Erno Laszlo’s Marble White Vitamin C Mask. I received this full-sized item for review from Influenster, so I made a quick video review to give you my thoughts on it. I have very sensitive skin, and this product worked for me. How sensitive? Well, I bought a 99.5% organic aloe face spray (the other 0.5% I think was citric acid?) and about ten minutes after I used it, I looked like I had serious chemical burns all over my skin. My face was bright red and burning from the inside for HOURS. It was […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series with Genevieve Jerome from Fitty Foodlicious
    It’s Sunday! I have so much to update you on… Since I last posted, I went to a health retreat in San Diego, got a new job with a big health and wellness company, and started a Whole 30 cycle (I’m on day 7). I’m writing my takeaways from the retreat in my private Facebook group and on my Facebook page. We talked about sleep, parasites, heavy metals, mold, positive mindset, chiropractic care, foundation training, nutrition, chronic illness, and a lot more. Follow me there, as I post on Facebook almost daily!  Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Genevieve Jerome […]
  • Dragonfruit Smoothie and Quiche videos!
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a quick post and tell you about my Youtube channel. So far, I’ve filmed two videos: A Dragonfruit Superfood Smoothie Bowl and a Cheesy Quiche with Caramelized Onion, Kale, and Potato. The first one I filmed on my own, and the second one I got to direct my husband to do all the hard work. (:    On Saturday, I’ll be driving with my husband to southern California for a health and wellness retreat, so I’m going to try to vlog a bit about what we’re doing on the trip. We’ll be right on the ocean, learning about food prep, […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series with Dr. Ruxandra LeMay
    Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? I just finished my first ever Youtube video, which was quite a learning experience. I don’t have any professional equipment, so the hardest part was just rigging the “tri-pod” to hold my phone so I could record. It’s a recipe video for making a Dragonfruit Superfood Smoothie Bowl. Check it out and give me a thumbs up if you like it! Now, I’m happy to introduce you to today’s guest for the Self-Care Sunday series, Dr. Ruxandra LeMay. Dr. LeMay is a licensed psychologist with experience and interest in communication, […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: Just A One Girl Revolution
    Happy weekend! I have the pleasure today of introducing you to a friend from college, Mindy. She’s a certified holistic health coach and personal trainer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She’s maintained a 70+ pound weight loss that changed her entire life. She loves running and hot yoga, but “retoxes” with craft beer and coffee. She has a not-so-secret obsession with Taylor Swift and has an adorable cat named Louie.  Mindy is amazing! She also blogs at Just A One Girl Revolution. I’ll drop her other social links at the bottom of the post. Here’s what she had to say in her […]
  • Online Grocery Shopping: Failures and Favorites
    It’s that dreaded time of week again: time to go to the grocery store. The pantry is empty and all that’s left in the fridge is the fancy mustard set you got for Christmas and an almost-empty bottle of almond milk. You’re so exhausted from the work-week and want to RELAX, not battle the Saturday morning lines in Trader Joe’s or the Whole Foods parking lot. Well I have good news for you. With our advancing technology, you can buy almost anything online… including fresh foods! I’ve been doing most of my grocery shopping online lately, and there have been […]
  • Berry Mint Smoothie
    I’ve been getting in the habit of a morning smoothie ever since I bought a Blendtec blender. I had a Ninja before, which is MUCH more affordable, but does a terrible job of chopping up greens like kale and spinach. I got my Ninja at Costco for under $200, and it also came with a few travel cups and a mini-blender, which I still use if I travel. But for daily smoothies, I needed something better. I did a lot of research, watched tons of Youtube videos, and landed on the Blendtec. The Blendtec is a bit of an investment, but for me, it’s 100% worth the money. What sold me, […]
  • Self-Care, Supplements, and Shavasana: Join my Facebook Group!
    Blogs can be so impersonal, can’t they? Before I started blogging, I would READ a lot of blogs, but I’d never comment or interact with the writer… no matter how much I loved the post.  I wanted a way to get to know YOU better, so I created a private Facebook page: Self-Care, Supplements, and Shavasana: Holistic Living with Bohemian Nation I’ve had quite a few requests from readers for a better, private place to discuss or ask questions about our healing and self-care journeys. Here are some topic ideas you might see in the group: self-care detoxing dry brushing […]
  • On Being 30 and Childless
    This May, I was traveling to Utah for a Green Smoothie Girl work retreat. It was 106 degrees, and I fanned myself with my ticket printout while I squeezed down the small aisle of the airplane. I found my seat, 7A, and sat down next to an older woman with long, gray hair and a welcoming smile. After shoving my backpack under the seat in front of me, I turned to her and said hello. We had a nice, long conversation on that three-hour flight. I heard all about her recent trip to Scotland where she was tracing her family’s lineage, and about her travels throughout the world when she was […]
  • Guided Visualization for a Calmer, Happier Mind
    I know, I know. Guided visualization and meditation can seem like some new-age hippie stuff, like something you’d never think about trying.  Yoga is fine, though. Yoga is normal. People go to yoga studios all the time, and they seem… good. Zen, even. But you want me to sit on a little pillow and thing about NOTHING for thirty minutes? How is that going to help? I used think that, too…  …until I went through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training and started using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System. Through chronic illness, my body has been stuck in […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: A Whole Story
    Happy Sunday! I am thrilled to have Autumn from A Whole Story on the blog today. I’ve been following her for years, back when I was really into doing Whole 30 cycles and meal prepping. I think we’ve both shifted a bit to more intuitive eating and less strict rules. While Whole 30 did change my relationship with food and encouraged me to try all kinds of new, healthy recipes (like cold thai salads and Greek blatzara and frittatas and cauliflower “fried rice”), it can be stressful feeling like if you eat one wrong thing you’re a failure. Autumn blogs about raising […]
  • Superfood Pesto Two Ways
    I’m sitting inside with the fan blowing, staring out at my brand new patio. It used to be all concrete and fallen leaves and storage, but we’ve spent a lot of time converting it into a beautiful space for grilling and relaxing. We dug up patio stones and planted grass, and have containers full of kale, parley, peas, beans, cilantro, lemon, lavender, and flowers. It’s really amazing how much happier I feel, knowing I have a nice place to sit outside and just be in the sun and in nature. I’m patiently waiting for the temperature to dip below 100 so I can finally spend […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: Coleyology
    Hello everyone! I’m back with another self-care Sunday series with Nicole Lemaster of Coleyology. She is the creator of a consciousness podcast, where she interviews healers, seekers, and anyone interested in exploring and self-help. On the podcast, you’ll hear a lot of organic, personal stories and reflections on how to grow and heal holistically.  I met Nicole (Coley) when I moved to California four years ago. I was attending grad school at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, but was living in the East Bay and commuting (driving to a bus stop, taking a bus to the […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: 8 Self-Care Tips from Wellness Experts
    This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may get a small commission if you click a product link and order that product (at no extra cost to you). This helps me keep my blog running for free!  Hello everyone and happy weekend! I’ve got a quick roundup of top self-care tips from some amazing ladies in the wellness field. I asked each of them to talk to me about their one BEST self-care tip. If you like what you read, make sure to check out their blogs, too! Casey Cromwell: Try New Foods. When you think of self-care, you might not imagine taking the time to experiment with new […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: Uncaged Health
    Good morning and happy Sunday! Today I’m excited to introduce you to Christina Morgan of Uncaged Health. I met Christina through the Mineral Mavens group, which Kristin of Sassy Holistics talked about in last week’s interview. Both of these ladies have been integral in my healing journey so far, and Christina is the one who encouraged me to get tested for chronic Lyme disease and co-infections after four years of seeing dozens of doctors. Her story is SO similar to mine in dealing with Lyme (and the same amount of co-infections, which two Lyme specialists told me are the most they […]
  • Self-Care Sunday Series: Sassy Holistics
    Good morning, everyone! I’ve been focusing more on self-care on the blog recently, because I feel like I need it, and I feel like others can definitely benefit from it, as well. For this new Self-Care Sunday Series, I’ll be asking wellness experts and self-care advocates to tell a bit about their stories and share some tips and tricks for how to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. To kick off the series, I’d like to introduce you to Kristin Merizalde from Sassy Holistics. She is a wellness coach and HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) consultant, blogger, and […]
  • matcha teaMango Matcha Smoothie
    Have you heard of matcha tea before, but you didn’t know what to do with it? Or are you just a smoothie-lover and you’re looking for some new, unique recipes? You’ve come to the right place. I absolutely love collaborating with brilliant people who are passionate about health and wellness, so be ready to see some content-packed guest posts coming to the blog. You’ll soon see topics about self-care, whole food recipes, and more brought to you by some incredible bloggers, therapists, yogis, wellness influencers, and fitness junkies. I’m really excited to introduce […]
  • Bohemian Nation Wins the Liebster Award!
    Liebster Award Winner Exciting news today! I was just nominated to receive the 2017 Liebster award, which recognizes new bloggers for having great content, message, and design. I am so grateful to Chelsea at The French Lemon for nominating me. She has awesome posts about spending time with her family, reading, and cooking (including a recent post about homemade doughnuts!), so check her out. (: Answering Questions Part of receiving the award is answering the questions your nominator poses. This is what Chelsea asked me: 1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? My dream […]
  • Iced tea and syrupLooseleaf Iced Tea with Berry Lime and Pineapple Orange Simple Syrup
    The heat wave has arrived. It’s going to be 107 soon, and our pool area burned to the ground about a week ago. My husband and I were lounging in bed when we heard the screaming. He was watching the History channel, and I was scrolling through Pinterest, looking for tomorrow’s dinner recipe. I asked him if he heard the noise, but he shrugged it off. I rolled over. Ten minutes later, I got up to brush my teeth, but heard more commotion outside. The flashing lights from a convoy of cop cars reflected through our windows and onto the bathroom walls. I opened the front door. Instantly, […]
  • Big Sur5 Things to Do in Big Sur, CA
    Hey everyone! I’ve written a Big Sur to-do list blog post for Yvette at Wayfaring Kiwi. She’s an inspirational nomad, yogi, and ex-travel agent, currently living in a van and traveling across Canada. Her blog is a great place to find tips on traveling. If you want to see where I’ve spent the last few years (in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion), or if you have a trip planned to visit the central coast of California soon, you need to check this out. Big Sur is a nice day-trip from San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Oakland, Fresno, or San Luis Obispo, […]
  • On Yoga, Duende, and the Art of Letting Go
    My body craves yoga. Not just in the I-feel-good-when-I-do-it way. Something deep within my bones, my spirit, my joints, my tendons just cries out for it. Tonight, I relaxed into pigeon pose after an eventful evening in the kitchen – dinner was squash chili, green beans, and a raw veggie platter with homemade artichoke hummus, if you were wondering. I had been racing the last of the light, flipping plates and knives and ingredients, molding them carefully into these dishes in just enough time to take my blog photos while the sun still spilled onto the hardwood floor. I’m a tornado […]
  • The Traveler’s Guide To Minimalism (guest post)
    Yvette Morrissey is a journalist, yogi, solo-female traveler and ex-travel agent from New Zealand. In 2016, Yvette found herself single, broke, and overworked, so she sold all her possessions and moved to Canada. She blogs about her worldwide travels at while promoting a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. This summer, she is living in her van and traveling around Canada. Catch up on her adventures on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Blog Lovin If there is one thing that travel has taught me, it is that living a minimalist life is pretty awesome. Before […]
  • Travel Skin Care
    When I was in college, I took a group of high school students on a backpacking trip through the Grand Tetons. It was over a week of climbing mountains, getting stuck in hailstorms, and forgetting to wear sunscreen every single day. There was nothing in the world better than waking up at Jenny Lake and seeing wildlife grazing against the backdrop of the sunrise and mountains. Since we had no mirrors, you can imagine by the end of the trip I was looking rough. Even though I had the trip of a lifetime (and the blisters to prove it), my skin was completely burned, dry, and peeling. A few years […]
  • Instant Pot Lemon Poppyseed Bread (Paleo, GF)
    My life as an escapist – I’ve moved six times in the last few years, all throughout California. I’ve moved so many times that I don’t remember the comfort of being in the same place for any length of time – having a well-worn route to a job, a familiar grocery store, a favorite coffee shop. In all my life, when I’m starting to get to know a city or area or person, I end up leaving. I leave, or I evade them completely. The first time I found out a boy liked me, I avoided him. I was terrified. I made a beeline every morning for the library, so I could get one […]
  • Spoonie Essentials Box Review
    Full disclosure: I was given this box free of charge in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are mine and I was not swayed by the company in any way. As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with a variety of chronic illnesses since getting very sick on a backpacking trip through Europe a few years back. I have spent my fair share of time at dozens of doctors offices, emergency rooms, and med centers. I’ve been bedridden and weak and unable to even stand long enough to make a meal for myself. During those times, I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. My […]
  • Bullet Journal Bootcamp: What to Buy
    Part I: You are good enough and creative enough for this I’ve always loved art, but I’ve never been very good at it. I have sketchbooks full of attempted drawings and closets full of paintings gone wrong (with the best intentions and ideas). I also have terrible handwriting. I always have. My whole life. My brain sprints forward and my hand struggles and scribbles to catch up. I hold pens and pencils totally wrong. It has been a source of mockery from friends and family with beautiful calligraphy abilities and legible writing. But… I won’t let that stop me from bullet […]
  • Restaurant Tableside Guacamole
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin My husband has worked at a lot of restaurants in his lifetime. One of his jobs was serving at a Mexican restaurant on the ocean, where he had to make tableside guacamole TEN TIMES a night. His guacamole is famous on my side of the family, but part of that could be that we’re from the midwest and he’s from California, where it’s more popular. I was really hungry last night and didn’t feel like cooking, so I tricked my husband into making his “famous guac” for the blog. Mostly just because I wanted to eat it. This recipe comes […]
  • Instant Pot Creamy Mac and Cheese
    Look, I know I’m usually all about healthy recipes with lots of veggies, but sometimes you just need comfort food. And when you want mac and cheese, you want something fast and easy that (hopefully) doesn’t come out of a blue box. (: This recipe is SUCH a winner with my husband, who has simple taste and doesn’t like his food to be complicated. In fact, the night I perfected the recipe, he had just come home from work where he’d run a tournament and eaten a big meal that was catered on-site. I asked him to try it and tell me what he thought about the recipe, and he said […]
  • Anthropologie Diffuser Blend
      Husband and I have officially been in our new place for a month, so we’ve done a little exploring recently on his one day off a week. We happened to be driving by a Cheesecake Factory the other night, and since I finally organized my incredibly messy purse and put all my gift cards into one little pouch, I knew I had a gift card to there. AND I knew where it was. (: We pulled over and got some takeout cheesecake (they have one gluten-free kind – Godiva chocolate- but if you have severe sensitivities or Celiac, read this review here) then explored the mall right next door. I […]
  • Self-Care Challenge Preview
    I wanted to pop in today to just give everyone a quick preview of the Self-Care Challenge PDF/workbook that you’ll be receiving for free if you join! It starts March 10, but the first e-mail is probably going out THURSDAY! Sign up here. Be sure to open your e-mail and confirm your e-mail address, or I won’t see you on my list! Sign up by Thursday March 9, 2pm PST or 5pm EST to receive this for free before I make it into a paid resource. I’ve been working really hard on this challenge, and I’m excited to do it right alongside everyone. You’ll get a little daily […]
  • Cheese Tray with Blood Orange Mimosas
    Our internet and cable have been out all day, so I’ve been running around town with husband getting some fun new groceries, and sitting outside on my patio in the sunshine catching up on phone calls. NO TIME TO BLOG? The horror. I’m using this tray to bribe him to watch the Bachelor tonight with me, and it also makes for a nice little “staying in” date night. It would also be really fun to host a viewing party of any show (or a BACHELOR FINALE party next week!) and have your friends over for cheese and drinks. I wanted to share a few cheese tray tips with you, and a […]
  • Abundance Bowl with Turmeric Ginger Cashew Cream
    You guys, I have a serious question. How do you make friends when you’re an adult? I think it’s easiest when you’re in college. College is a built-in friend fest. You go to your neighbors’ house and watch Grey’s Anatomy and eat chocolate chip cookies every single week, just because you live next to each other and you’re the same age. You talk to people at your school’s gym, because you probably have friends in common and can talk about easy things, like professors or the stupid housing lottery system that got you stuck sharing a bedroom your sophomore […]
  • Make A Space For Yourself
    Lately, I’ve been doing something dumb. Really dumb. I have a super exciting self-care project I’ve been working on (along with my upcoming Self-Care Challenge), and instead of being excited, I’ve been majorly stressing myself out about it. Finding people to share my idea with. Trying to promote my blog. Trying to get people to read it. Trying to write this self-care resource. Staying up way too late working. Forgetting to eat lunch and then realizing it’s 4:00 pm. I’ve been focusing on it every moment I’m not tutoring or recipe-testing, at the expense of […]
  • Mom’s Chicken Rice Soup (Instant Pot)
    I have been a yoga-goer for most of my adult life. I love the way it makes my muscles and joints and mind feel after a great session. I like sun salutations, restorative yoga, savasanas. I like the mudras, pranayamas, and even the pretty mats and blocks. Of course, I like the leggings, and own way too many in a rainbow of colors. (By the way, where do you get your leggings? I used to do Lululemon but their quality has deteriorated so much.) But I have recently discovered pilates, and I am a total believer. In my mind, pilates is a bit more building strength of muscles (legs, core, arms) than […]
  • DIY Neon Coasters
    I have TWO exciting things to share! First, I’ll be offering a FREE Seven Day Self-Care Challenge for the first 100 people who follow my Facebook page here and complete the “Get Offer” directions pinned to the top of the page. Facebook actually shows you how many people have claimed the offer, so get it while it’s available for FREE. We’ll be working through some mindfulness, meditations, stillness exercises, journaling, and more. It’s going to be funnnn! And now, for my next exciting piece of news. Well, husband and I have acquired a new family member. Her […]
  • GF Garlic Cheddar Crackers
      I wrote a post on my personal Facebook page a few days ago, asking people what they do for self-care. I received a very interesting and wide variety of responses: working out, taking baths, cooking, coloring, laughing, petting animals… but only ONE person out of twenty mentioned sleep. I think sufficient sleep is vital to self-care, but parents with kiddos, people with demanding jobs, college students, night-owls, and others might just not even see it as an option. I love sleep. If I can get 7-8 hours a night, I am generally much happier and better functioning the next day. […]
  • Grow Your Own Crystals
    If you don’t feel like making a crystal necklace, but would rather buy one, click here. I’ve been thinking about crystals lately because there has been a lot of negative energy in the universe for the last few days for my husband and me. Even if you don’t believe in energy and auras, do you ever have a string of terrible events which leave you feeling heavy and exhausted? That’s us. Hang in there with me, because it’s going to be a little sad for a few paragraphs, and then I’ll turn it around! The last week has looked like this: family members in the […]
  • Vegan Almond Chocolate Fudge
    The other night, husband and I went for a drive around our new town, looking for a non-chain coffee shop. Personally, I would have just Googled it or looked on Yelp, but he likes to discover things organically, which is always fun (if I’m forced to). I’m a planner at heart, so it’s hard for me to do that, knowing we could end up at a 2-star place when there’s an amazing place nearby with lavender lattes. We didn’t find a coffee shop, but we did find the most incredible rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely huge and incredibly bright; these pictures […]
  • 20 Question Printable to Reconnect Your Love
    EDIT: This printable has been moved to the VIP Access page of my blog, for e-mail subscribers only. Click any of the pink links to sign up for e-mail updates, and you’ll get the current password to the VIP section (: I’m no relationship expert. I’m not a therapist, a counselor, or the perfect wife by any means. But I AM determined, communicative, and open to new ways to strengthen my marriage. I am open to learning something new about my husband, whom I’ve known for six years, every single day. I want to learn what makes him feel loved. What he needs to feel fulfilled […]
  • Rainbow Fried Rice
    Things I learned yesterday: people love talking about self-care and they love seeing ugly and embarrassing photos of other people. Tazo chai concentrate actually isn’t that good and I need to learn how to make my own. There are little microanimals called tardigrades or water bears that are super cute and basically indestructible. Do you listen to podcasts? I was making some personal development goals recently and added to it a whole list of podcasts I want to start listening to. So far, I have only listened to Stuff You Should Know. It’s great for long drives if you want to learn […]
  • DIY Skin Rescue
    *If you don’t feel like making this product yourself, click here to buy it! Read to the bottom to get a COUPON CODE (: Yesterday, as I was waiting for an update to download on my computer, I was looking through my Mac’s Photobooth app and was completely shocked to see how terrible my skin used to be. I also spent some time deleting Photobooth photos with exes, because WHO NEEDS THAT NEGATIVITY IN HER LIFE? (: These incredibly embarrassing photos I’m about to show you are mostly from college and my first year of teaching high school, before I turned to a cleaner way of […]
  • Turnip the Beet Juice
    Okay, okay, so technically they’re radishes, not turnips, but CLOSE ENOUGH, right? So I have a question for you. Do you remember where you were when you drank your first smoothie or pressed juice? And do you have any special memories tied to smoothies and juices? When I was in high school (before I could drive), my friends and I used to go to the mall and walk around. That is literally all I remember doing my freshman and sophomore year… besides sitting at the movie theater, people-watching, and not seeing a movie. Haha! Since none of us had jobs or liked coffee yet, we would go […]
  • Purple Sweet Potato Crust Quiche
    Purple sweet potatoes are my favorite food right now, so you can imagine my excitement when our new Trader Joe’s had BAGS of organic ones! If you haven’t had them before, do yourself a favor and check your nearest health store, Whole Foods, or TJ’s and pick up a few. Regular sweet potatoes can be stringy. That texture has made me dump a tater in the trash before. These purple ones are so creamy and sweet and delicious. On my birthday this January, my husband asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted him to look up a fun paleo recipe and make it for me. We settled on a quiche, […]
  • Marbled Stationary Tutorial
    Yesterday had some pretty hilarious ups and downs. Not sleeping til 4 am, finding a Greek gluten free calzone at the store and breaking my no-processed food general rule, discovering it was full of black olives (yuck), telling a customer service employee she needed to check her attitude (she was super rude), making an amazing dinner salad, feeling sick and having to postpone Valentine’s Day plans, watching the Bachelor, seeing a gorgeous sunset from a shopping center parking lot. What is it about sunsets and sunrises?! Why are they so mesmerizing? I’m used to being spoiled […]
  • DIY Calendula Lavender Clay Mask
    Okay, real talk. People always say you “grow out” of having breakouts, and that only teenagers get them because, well… hormones are crazy. But as I get older, my skin gets worse: wrinkles, acne, dark spots, redness (especially since I developed histamine intolerance). I miss the days when I would feel confident without wearing foundation to even out my skin tone. Consequently, I’ve been searching for natural ways to keep my skin healthy and blemish-free. Here’s what I’ve been through in my quest for clear skin. First, seven years ago, I cleaned up my […]
  • My Go-To Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice
    Hey everyone! It’s Sunday. What are you up to today? Do you ever have those nights where you go to bed at a decent time, but you’re completely awake for a few hours, just tossing and turning? That has been me the last few nights, and I can’t figure out why. I could NOT sleep at all! What do you do when you can’t sleep? I was reading an article the other day that said you should get up and do something – like read, clean, or watch TV for a while, because you want your body to know that bed = sleep. I guess you don’t want it to get used to being wide awake […]
  • DIY Gemstone Soap
    I don’t know what got into me this morning, but I signed up for six webinars that I saw on Facebook, listened to three of them, created this blog, made these soaps, and wrote this post. And I didn’t even have coffee this morning! Ha. It has been rainy here in California for weeks and weeks, so instead of exploring outside and hiking, I’ve been inside organizing my crafting supplies. We just moved recently (like… two weeks ago recently), so we have a second bedroom now that is functioning as an office/craft room. SO EXCITING! What are your favorite organization tips for […]