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Seven Day Self-Care Challenge

Seven Day Self-Care Challenge

Always taking care of others?


No time for yourself to focus on meditation, yoga, or personal development?


Ready to supercharge your current meditation practice with self-affirmations and gratitude training?


Our challenge will transform you into a more mindful, less overwhelmed self-love guru.


Percent of adults in the United States who meditate (according to NHIS)


Percent of workers who report stress on the job (according to AIS).


Global percentage of people who could benefit from focused self-care!

Happy thoughts from our Seven Day Self-Care Challenge clients

In this fast-paced world, full of commitments, deadlines, and pressure, it's so beneficial to be reminded to put ourselves on the priority list! This seven day challenge helped me focus on letting go of the stress and doing something kind and loving for myself, so that I can live my BEST life! SO worthwhile!


This short challenge was exactly what I needed. Between taking care of two young kids, working full-time, and trying to maintain my household, I was stressed to the max. This challenge encouraged me to find some time for myself each night, a habit which lasted long beyond the seven days! 


I absolutely loved learning about Loving Kindness meditation, breathing techniques, and mirror work. The challenge workbook is packed with practical stress-relieving and self-care practices that you can work into your daily routine. Love ending my day with gratitude! 


The Challenge Workbook

Our famous challenge PDF in color, as well as a black and white printable version.

Self-Care Starter Kit

Printable affirmations, a self-care quiz, a planner page, and a Body, Mind, Soul challenge calendar.

Facebook Group Support

Access to our private Facebook group, Self-Care, Supplements, and Shavasana for extra support and bonding.


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